Jason Shepherd

Owner - Operator

Jason grew up with roofing in his blood, where he started learning the trade at a young age. Having two brothers that lead the way, both owning companies of their own, he didn't think twice about his career. As an owner who takes customer service to the next level he enjoys being involved in every aspect of the business. He meets often with his customers and is personally available to all of them.

Certified Installers

Here at Ridgeline Roofing we use experienced roofers, in which many of them are certified through the companies program. We know how important our employees are to the company and we make sure that they know they are appreciated. With safety being our number one goal and quality workmanship as a close second we strive to obtain the best installers in the industry. Some of our lead roofers have been working for us since the beginning.

Sales and Project Managers

At Ridge line Roofing we take our customers satisfaction to the next level. We think that we have some of the best employees in the industry from our office staff to our Sales/project mangers. We Rely on happy customers who refer their family and friends to generate most of our leads. The value of a satisfied customer is worth far more than any advertisement you can buy. That's why our Sales/project managers are taught from the beginning that pushy or aggressive sales tactics don't fly at Ridgeline. We are here to provide you with the facts, options and pricing so you can decide whats best for you.